Friday, October 30, 2015

Elvis Was Here Snail Mail

A Little Elvis Fun 

When these stamps came out earlier this year, I knew I HAD TO HAVE THEM!  You see, I have a family connection to Elvis through my grandmother.  My grandmother actually got to meet Elvis in a flower shop that she was managing on a Christmas Eve.  The story is BIG in our family history.  But I like the presentation of these stamps as , white, and gold... totally speaks "Classy" to me.
I like to base quite a bit of my mail art on my stamps and this stamp is no exception.

I grabbed my black envelope/card set,  white calligraphy ink, black and white washi tapes, stickers, and got to work.  This is what I came up with.

An Instagram "buddy" of mine introduced me to Dr. Ph Martin's Pen White ink for calligraphy.  This is the second white ink I have tried.  The first ink was too watery and translucent.  I wanted a more opaque ink, and one that sat on top of the paper.  At one point I had to add a drop of water to the ink because it started to become too thick.  I don't know all of the technical terms that ink reviewers use when doing their thing...that is the best that I can do for you!  But if you do use this ink, don't be in a hurry.  It takes several hours (overnight?) to dry completely.  You will see on my envelope that I have a few smudges and splatters.  I'm not the best one to take my own medicine.

 The ink writes very smoothly, I appreciated that.  The nib I am using is a new Brause nib, which also worked nicely.

Here is a bit closer shot of the card with dimensional sticker, a home made black tag, and envelope.  All together, I think it turned out some what classy, minus the smudges and splatters.

Ah.  Let us take a closer look at these smudges and splatters!  I thought the use of the sticker in the return address area gave it an area of interest.  Over all, it was a fun Elvis project that I think my sister will enjoy.  It gave me an opportunity to try out this ink, and now I am anxious to use it some more!

Let me know what you have been doing in your snail mail corner!

The craftier the better,
Happy Snail Mailing,



  1. Isn't black the new black? Well, the same old black but with flair and grace? You nailed the address circling the return address. It's spaced just right.

    Have you tried gently scraping away the musses with a sharp new Xact blade? Gentle does it, but it usually work. Or try a super fine paint brush with a little ink that thicker. That way it won't bleed.

    I like what you've done! And your calligraphy has improved like crazy. :) Lindsey over at The Postman's Knock shows how to make us all look like rock stars. :)

    1. Oh Thank You Limner for your feed back!! I will definitely try the exacto knife thing. Haha...yep, I feel "rock star" status approaching!!! ;-)