Monday, November 16, 2015

Lost Art Revived GIVE AWAY!

Lost Art Revived 

Hello  Blog friends!  I am ashamed to admit that I have never had a GIVEAWAY on my blog before! So let's remedy that situation right now.  Here is how you can win the prize package (see last photo of this post!).  First, this blog post is a DIY on how to make a little "Autumn Treasure Matchbox" for you to send to a pen pal.  I  garnered my inspiration from a walk around my house over the weekend. I was so struck by the beauty all around me, that I started picking up bits and pieces on my walk.  When I got into the house, I  decided to create an "Autumn Matchbox" to tuck away one of my treasures.  So here is a brief tutorial on how to make your own autumn matchbox.  

To enter the giveaway, I ask that you : 1. Send me an Autumn Matchbox that you created, and by doing so you give me permission for me to post a picture of your creation.  I want this blog to be an inspiration for others!  2.  Follow my blog.  It's that simple.  

Lost Art Revived's address is: 21861 Genito Rd. Amelia VA 23002

You can find so much inspiration on Pinterest for your matchbox.  Let's begin this little tutorial.  

You can pick up the small boxes of matchboxes in nearly any grocery store.  They come in a package of 8, I believe.   Any scrap of paper will do!

I measured off the box and cut my paper.  I couldn't find my bone folder, so I just used a ruler to make my creases.  

I decided to make a belly band with a smaller piece of paper.

This isn't a very good photo, but  here I am tracing around the box to make a liner for the bottom of my box.  

I selected my little treasure  after lining the box.

I wrote a little on the belly band, project complete!

Here is the prize for the most imaginative, cute matchbox, I hope you like it.  If I get a good response (come on people! )  ;-)  then I will have a second and third place winner!  

Again to enter this little giveaway:  1.  Send my your matchbox creation 2.  Follow my blog!

Hope to hear from you!
Put a smile on some one's face today,
Happy Snailmailing,


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