Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Letters That Make IT THROUGH The USPS!!!

Our Wonderful Postal System!!

I have been MIA for the last several weeks....I spent two weeks in the Blue Ridge Mountains as a camp counselor,  and before that, company, travel,and more company!  But it is back to "business" now, that is the business of letter writing.  Here what was awaiting my arrival home! 

Yes...fuzzy slippers can make it through the USPS!

This lovely parcel from Herefordshire, England also was delivered.  You can discover all about it and its amazing contents here:  Jane Austen Letter Writing Society .

Look at these cute pink themed embellishments that made it through the postal journey... completely intact!

Virginia put a "non-machineable surcharge" stamp on her letter.  This is used for mail that requires sorting by hand, and is also good to use for letters weighing up to 2 oz.    Additionally, the USPS web site states that it can be used for:  

Greeting card envelopes printed with the silhouette of a butterfly in the upper right corner need additional postage--or the use of this butterfly stamp. Any non-machineable envelope like oddly-shaped or vertical envelopes, as well as lumpy envelopes, rigid envelopes, or mail with clasps, ribbons, or buttons, may use this stamp.

Another butterfly stamp!  This one from Belgium...Brussels, I believe.    The tiny country of Belgium is very active in letter writing!  They rank 18th (in countries) in sending postcards through Postcrossing, alone. 

This adorable letter came from my young friend, Amelia.  She is so clever with her envelopes.  She did not use the above stamp, but put additional postage on her letter.  

It arrived in perfect condition, and waits to be answered. I plan to do that today, as it is raining outside.

If you are awaiting a response to a letter, please accept my apologies for tardiness.  I plan to begin TODAY with my responses .  I also have a letter to write in French.  Hmmm....has anyone tried  on line translations?  That is what a writer did for me, she had it translated into English, and it worked rather well.  How do you write someone who is of another language than yours?  

Time for me to get busy,

Happy Snail Mailing!



  1. Wow, it arrived intact! I am very happy with that :) It took A LOT of glue to keep that flower on it.

    1. It arrived in PERFECT condition!!! It is amazing!

  2. Your site does inspire me to be more creative in my letter writing. Maybe soon I will get letter off to you.
    Coffee is on

    1. Hello Dora, send me your address at lostartrevivedblog@gmail.com and I will write you first!

  3. Oh how I have missed your communications on here. So what joy to find you have arrived back from the beautiful Blue Mountains. Thank you for all you do to inspire such as myself. I loved seeing all those envelopes which are so incredibly lovely, the information doesn't effect myself but it was interesting to read.
    Great to have you back...
    Regards ~ Lady Anne

  4. I'm always wondering what makes it and what doesn't. Thanks for these great examples. Sounds like it's good to add that little extra bit of postage if you have any doubt.

  5. Congratulations! This is a fun read.

    Our post office refused to let me mail a box wrapped with ornamental twine although it was covered with clear shipping tape.

    And speaking of butterflies. I photographed my first ever mid-flight! It's also the first of its kind I've ever seen.

    How was counseling? What's it like? My daughter loved summer camp.