Sunday, August 21, 2016

Snail Mail From Across The Pond, Mail Call!

I love walking to my mailbox!

You never know what surprises it may hold.  This day was a good day for mail.

Mail that arrives from another continent always intrigues me.  Just to think of it traveling across the ocean, then to my mailbox.  

There were other letters too!  So much happiness!

Do you have a favorite place to sit quietly and read your mail?  This is a definite favorite during the spring, summer , or fall...haha, the picture makes it sort of look like "Jurassic Park", but it is really just part of my front yard.  I am so blessed to live in the country...

Espresso was so curious to see what I would be doing on the swing.  She is a good little puppy, she takes a great interest in everything I do.  Now to get to work on responding to these lovely letters!  

Happy Snail Mailing!



  1. IT is really nice to see some of your everyday life, like the mailbox, the swing, your puppy :)

    1. Thank you Amelia, I was hoping people would enjoy seeing a bit of my normal, everyday life...not too exciting, but full.