Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Outgoing And Incoming Mail.....

A little of this and that....

A couple of outgoing Flip Books....I make sure to enclose them in a cello bag so that they will not get damaged along the postal route.

Some fun out going postal philately!  

I absolutely adore Yapping Cat Studios!  Cindy is an artist , using acrylics and water colors.  Her work is amazing, and I am  an undying fan!  She recently posted this tiny acrylic book on her instagram feed:  yappingcatstudio. (you won't regret following her for a daily does of inspiration!) I wanted it so badly...and you know....she actually sent it to me!  Pinch me!  Anyway, she of course wrapped it in a beautiful way and I just adore it.  I have placed it on the top of my desk for inspiration!  Thank you again, Cindy!

I can't help myself!!!  When sales happen, I just can't resist!  Look at these beauties!  I can't wait to start putting these to use!  Washi tape just adds that certain little touch to any envelope  or plain piece of paper.  So if you are in a hurry and don't have time to make a flip book, or anything else.  Get your Washi tape stash out and put it to good use!

Happy Snail Mailing
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  2. That washi is gorgeous; especially the umbrellas!!

    1. Thanks...I have such a weakness for washi. My favorite supplier is cwlcrafts on instagram. She is located in the UK, but often gives 30% discounts which takes care of the shipping.

  3. I like the blue and white one tape!