Friday, September 22, 2017

Hey Girl, Hey...Snail Mail Antics

Hey Girl!

Michele always sends such wonderful mail to me...I needed to get busy. As cappuccinoandartjournal would tell us..."to get good mail,  you gotta send good mail"!  The pressure was on.  The group from the " D.C. Postal Meet Up" are some serious mail artists.  And here I am just doing my cutesie, crafty little thing over  here in my corner of the world...but not these folks. They are into all their cool artistic techniques churning out mail nearly EVERY day.  I'm slow folks. And the pressure was on.    So this is what I came up with for Michele who sent me this GREAT mail pictured below...

Isn't her "stamp head" spot on?  She is just oozing talent in very direction!!  So much fun to receive such great mail!  Thank you Michele.  You can follow Michele on Instagram:  mbcano1.

My son , Benji, went off to camp for a week this summer.  I tried to find something that a teenage boy would not be  too embarrassed to receive.  I think I asked him weeks after he was home from camp (when I remembered to ask) if he ever received the letter... he said, "oh yeah, mom".  Ha, I guess he appreciated it.

Have fun with your outgoing mail...put a smile on the postal carrier's face!


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