Tuesday, September 12, 2017

How To Make A Calendar Envelope

Re-Purposing Calendars into Mail!

I was in Dollar Tree today and I happened to see the boxes of calendars for sale.  I like making envelopes from calendars so I took a closer look.  try to find pictures that have a small to repeating design, so that it will be able to be used on an envelope. Florals usually work well, and I have made some with landscapes.  The problem with land scape calendars is that they are hard to get the center of the picture where you want it. I I liked what I saw so I picked up two.

My smaller template for envelope making has been missing for some time, so I decided to make an envelope template out of this thin sheet of cardboard.  I took an envelope size that I thought would work with the size of my calendar sheets, then opened it up to trace around the envelope.

Here is the finished template.

Don't forget to make the folding guide piece for your envelope. This is the template that is the size of the finished envelope.   It will help you to make the folds where they need to be.

You can use a creasing tool to make sharper folds.

Then a little glue to glue the flaps in place.

First batch of envelopes are just about finished!

Since the envelopes are so flimsy, I decided to add a liner to the envelopes.  Just use any paper that compliments the envelope's primary color.   A.C. Moore carries the sturdier , thicker paper calendars for a dollar , but I haven't seen them out yet...check that store after the New Year.

Here is the second batch of calendar envelopes.  I really like how this one turned out, a very nicely centered yellow rose!

All done!  24 envelopes made in just one sitting!

I thought I was done, until I noticed the back of the calendar pack.  I thought maybe I could do something with the mini pictures of the calendar pages...

I'm rather undecided as what to do with them...book marks?  Tags?  What would you do with them?

Hope this gets you interested in making your own calendar envelopes.

Happy Snail Mailing,


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  1. I love this idea. The envelopes you made are bright and eye-catching. Maybe you could layer the small pix onto note cards and have a matching card and envelope?