Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Postal Thrift Store Finds

POSTAL Thrift Store Finds

When you enter a thrift store or an antique store...what are you looking for?  Do you have your list of items to reclaim inspired by Pinterest?   I really don't need any more acquisitions in my home...but I am looking for old ink wells, or pen holders.  Recently  I was purusing our local thrift store and I noticed some interesting postal finds.

 I spied this way up high on a shelf at our village's local thrift store...

It is massive!  Perhaps 2 feet  in length? 

  I should have put a letter in it so you could see just how MASSIVE this thing is.  Incredibly sturdy as well.
Approved by the Post Master General!  All for $10.00 

And then there was a nifty stamp game.

Do you find any interesting Postal items of interest when you go thrifting?

Write Letters,
Write Often .

Lady Pamela

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