Saturday, November 1, 2014

Snail Mail Frugal Finds

Keep  A Look Out for these Frugal Finds!
'Tis the Season for Snail mailers to SMILE!!!!  So many items are readily available  at such a great value!  I  wanted to let you know  so that you too can build up your stash, but not break the bank!

I believe the above items were in Target's dollar bins.

My area Walmart  is  beginning to step up to the plate as well, offering  small craft items reasonably priced... 

Dollar Tree Finds!  The adorable labels and oh, the black and white ones didn't make it into this shot....but they are just GREAT!  And look at the top label...the package contains 60 labels!  I grabbed bunches of these!  And then, they now always have  some washi tape available.  I usually get this for  my daughter who has her own stash!

Happy , creative, fun, enjoyable  and FRUGAL snail mailing!

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Lady Pamela

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