Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Frugal Finds...Dollar Tree Score!

"Frugal Finds Round Up"

On my stationery buying round, I try to always make it to the Dollar Tree.  They usually have something up their sleeves!  Here are some cute  Eiffel Tower sticky notes and page flags that will be perfect for  my Kikki Planner...and of course , any planner.  I couldn't resist and got two.

I thought this little note book in a flap over purse style was cute.

I have been purchasing my ribbon here too.  They have sheer...sparkly sheer, sequins, and even silky ribbon.  I love the gold thin ribbon.  Perfect for parcels.

I have seen this at Dollar Tree for quite some time.  I will be using this on my vintage mailings.

If you do a fair amount of parceling like I do...then don't pass up the packing tape! (Wish they carried the cute printed packing tape!)

I love their cute colorful paper clips.  They carry two sizes.  These are the large, and they carry the smaller ones as well.

That ends my "Frugal Finds Round Up"or Dollar Tree. They haven't had any washi tape lately , boo!   Leave me a comment on what you find yourself snatching up at the Dollar Tree Stationery section!

Write Letters,
Find Deals,
Write Often (because the good deals make you better able to afford to write)

Lady Pamela


  1. We're having one of local variety store closing (Sad face) it our only variety store. But I'm hoping to pick up some letter writing supplies at good discount.
    Coffee is on

    1. Oh My. I guess there is always a silver lining in every cloud. Hope there are lots of good steals!