Saturday, August 2, 2014

Letter Writing is Camp!

I am happy to report that letter writing is ALIVE and  WELL at camp!  I am just returned from a week at Bethel Bible Camp in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia.  Of course, I enjoyed all of the activities and the wonderful fellowship with young ladies ages 8-10.  They were a pure delight!  But, I was especially interested in all things postal at the camp!  I was really wondering if parents really wrote or not any more.

This little lady was a first timer away to camp.  She missed her sweet family !  Thankfully, homesickness was staved off by  receiving 6 letters during the week.  She clung to them all week.

Well, surprise, surprise, surprise!!!!  The first full day of camp...several of the girls in my cabin got not one but one young lady received 3 letters!!!!  Now that really took some foresight on the parents!   Good job parents!! I was thrilled, and so were the campers...all of them.  Even if they did not receive any mail  they were just excited to get to see the letter and read it themselves.  Letters were passed around and enjoyed by all.

The receiving of mail caused quite a stir that first day.  The girls eagerly positioned themselves and began writing letters with high hopes! Just look at those faces. So much excitement!!

Re-reading letters by flashlight!  Precious.
Mail Call!
 I actually got 3 letters, I couldn't find my lovely letter from my  oldest daughter at the moment I took this photo.
Another daughter thoughtfully wrote me and even included one of my favorite wax seals!  The bird carrying the letter.
My husband, clever man that he is,  sent our  two children (at two different camps)   mail and included a full sheet picture of our scruffy dog, Emma...who sorely missed them. Our youngest daughter was enamored with this!  She carried the picture  around and showed it to all of her friends.
So, dear readers, Letter Writing is alive, in little encampments, probably around the globe this summer.   If you know of any young person going off to camp, especially for the first time please take the time and write them even a short note or post card.  You may never know the full  impact that it will have, but  trust me, it will be treasured and may make the difference between the camper going home or staying!
Write Letters,
Write often.
Lady Pamela
P.S.  I believe my summer should be slowing down  so that I can  get back to writing everyone who is waiting for a reply to their letters...Jan, Elaine, Sheryl, Mrs. Duffy... oh my!  I need to get going!


  1. Mrs. Dufffy eagerly awaits a letter from Lady Pamela! What a wonderful letter story you've shared. My kids have been away all summer and two out of three of them are regular writers. What a joy it is to get kid mail. I hope they're as happy to get letters from me as these youngsters are to get letters from their parents.

  2. I so agree! Kid mail is wonderful!