Saturday, August 9, 2014

Rainbow letters...pop goes your mail!

Letters are paper packages made of Love...

I wanted to make some "Happy Mail" that begins with the envelopes, right?   I decided to make mine with some scrap book paper.  It sort of looks like a rainbow doesn't it?
Once I had  the envelopes made, I  went ahead with the next step and lined them. Then... I put them away for awhile,  not really having time to write the letters that needed to go in them.  So these pretty envelopes stayed on my desk for a couple of weeks!

Epistolary debt began to it was time to get to writing the letters that would find a home in the rainbow envelopes.
Do you write short or long letters?  I normally determine the length at the outset.  If it is to be a shorter letter, then it will be 2 or 3 pages.  Longer letters are about 5 pages for me on average.    But, I have written much longer letters.  What is the longest letter you have ever written?  (In case you are wondering , page 4 is
behind the page 3!)
Group one outgoing...

Group 2

My daughter found two sets of Creative Memories Stickers -- she got each set  for about $.10 each.  They were such cute stickers...perfect inspiration for my Rainbow mail!  (Thank you Beth Nell!)  And, yes Beth --one of these is for you!

Getting creative on the backside!

A bit of free hand with my White Gelly marker...
Clothes on  lines swaying in the breeze...I like this.  

Washi tape and sticker... A friendly mail box full of  mail love...
More washi , gelly pens, stickers...

I liked the hot pink on this turquoise...
I absolutely love the circle stickers found in the office supplies...a very versatile sticker.
Purple horizon in the light house stamp...

Don't forget the finishing touches...a wax seal is so...well...special!
This batch is ready to go out... and ready to be trucked to its destination...

I snapped this the other day when he whizzed past me , and I was wondering what sort of mail he was carrying...any Happy Mail?   any "Good" mail?  Could one of my letters be on board?  Where was it headed?  The entire postal process is so mysterious!

I still have about 5 letters to write...what about you?

Write Letters,
Write Often.

Lady Pamela


  1. I received my "happy mail" today! I was fairly caught up with my correspondence but I received five letters today that need to be answered! It's a good problem to have!

  2. This site is so amazing! I use Swap-Bot, But I am in love with this site :)

    1. Hello Sherry! Thank you so much for your nice words! I love Swap Bot too, and try to do periodic posts on my swap bot adventures. Happy Snail mailing!