Monday, September 1, 2014

A few Fun Things...All Things POSTAL...

Snail Mail Tools...and this and that!

I have a collection of fountain pens...but have  had some issues with most of them. I don't want to "give up" on fountain pens...because I feel  much more motivated to write a nice long letter with one, and I feel more authentic when I use one!  Besides, I just love the variety of inks that are available and I relish the tactile, multi-sensory feel that you get by using the fountain pen.  Some of them have a scratchy sound, different nibs have  a different feel, and some of the inks have different aromas. Also, working with different inks, I've noticed how some just make your pen glide across the paper, others are more finicky . Since  I don't have much money to invest I am looking for the best "bang for my buck".  All that being said, I have decided to  start taking the pen reviewers, reviews, a bit more seriously.  I have  a few of these reviewers linked to my site, so I hope you will avail yourself  to their wisdom.  I am starting to experiment and branch out a bit but I am truly a newbie.  It is quite fun.  The folks at Goulet pens have a nice Fountain Pen 101 site that is most helpful.  My next pen will be a Lamy with an interchangeable nib.  

I love the artistic element of these inks!  There are lots of colors to choose from in nearly every ink supplier.  In the future I think I will try out the sample vials.

Uh,oh.  Inky fingers.  I don't know how to fix this leak, but it writes so well, I am not deterred.  The company that produces this pen is not too far from where I live.  I believe I will make a field trip soon to check out their store.

Mimi's book club Out-going!  One of my daughters does secret shopping at the USPS.  She let me know that she needed some parcels to post and asked if I had any to go out.  These went out for free! Yay!  Thank you , dear Maddie!   I am checking into being a secret shopper and picking up the USPS jobs.  You  might want to check this out as well to save you some money if you are sending out a good number of packages.

Asher's arrived today!  I had to include some "Firemen" books in his package, as  his daddy is a brave fireman.

This is just what I gathered one day on a stroll down the office aisle.  I have some ideas of how to use these items in the near future , especially for making my own stamped stickers.  Be on the look-out in future posts!

Have fun with your snail mail adventures.  

Write Letters,
Write Often.

Lady Pamela


  1. I received a fountain pen as a gift from my sister and love it, it is my first fountain pen. I agree there is something about writing with one!! Love it!!

    1. So true, Wendy! I have been hooked on them for years now, and enjoy exploring the world of fountain pens.