Friday, September 19, 2014

How Did I Live Without these? and... Clean Desk Club

Do you like making new discoveries?  I do!  I just found this "Little B" washi tape for the first time.  I found it at AC Moore.  The packaging is really sweet in that it has a cutting tool in the cut out.  Just like a tape dispenser...clever!  The two in the middle  are so pretty.  The gold is all metallic, a nice thin strip.  The multi colored  also has metallic elements.

The picture does not do  the tape justice...the  tape here has beautiful jewel tones with a splash of pretty when the light hits it.   I can't wait to use it.  Should it be called "Stain Glass Window"?

Here in Virginia, the leaves on the trees are beginning to morph into a dizzying array of spectacular colors...Oh, yes.  Virginia is Beautiful in the autumn!  Why not share the beauty by sending some fall colors in your mail?  I have been using these  leaves as enclosures  or "tuck ins" in the pages of my letters.  The packages on the left were purchased at the Dollar Tree (they look and feel so would think they were real!)  The Spritz brand is from Target , more expensive, and not as nice as the cheaper  Dollar Tree find.

A nice touch ! 

And, I just thought I would send you a picture of one of my writing desks. had been a mess.  (According to the Side- Tracked Home Executives--remember that book?)   I am a "pile-er" not a "filer" until I am forced to !  Ugh, a trait I am not proud of.  So I am happy to report to you  that I am in the good graces, once again, of the "Clean Desk Club". Yay!  What about you?  Do you struggle to keep your desk  at the ready for letter writing?

Then there’s the joy of getting your desk clean, and knowing that all your letters are answered, and you can see the wood on it again.
-          Lady Bird  Johnson

Write Letters.
Write Often,

Lady Pamela


  1. Love that washi tape! Alas here in Europe the only offerings are polka dots and flowers. I live in hope though.

  2. Oh I'm such a pile-er too!! Zach is my ever-constant encouragement to resist the urge to pile, but I can't seem to help it!! Your clean desk is an inspiration...and it does feel so good!