Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Addictions, confessions, ok...I'm human!

Why, oh why do I do it?  I can't seem to help myself!  I think this problem dates back to my days growing up in  Japan . It was all those amazing Japanese stationery shops that had the coolest stuff...ever!  (Remember Pat?)  There!  I'll blame it all on the Japanese!  Ha, ha.  I wish it was that simple.  See that set of alphabet stickers bottom left ?  I already have SEVERAL  alphabet sets.  See the Fleur delis  set?  (right in photo) I already have the exact set...I forgot.  It doesn't help that I live in driving distance of an ACMoore store that is having a 40% liquidation of the entire store...and it has been going on for several months...

I have albums full of the clear cling stickers...

And drawers..
And drawers...

And drawers...full of stamps!

Well, I walked out of the store...with only 1 wooden stamp...I just couldn't part with...I put the others back.

Now I know that you serious crafters and artists out there are probably sniffing at my "problem" right now.  Because yes, I know, that there are many of you that have many times MORE than I and you actually NEED them all and  I just have  a small family in comparison.  There you have it!  I am calling my rubber stamps...family.  No wonder the collection is growing, they are family!

Have fun with your writing adventure...and remember, the person with the most rubber stamps...WINS!  ;-)

"You glance at an  e-mail.  You give more attention to a real letter."
Judith Martin

Write Letters,
Write Often.

Lady Pamela