Friday, November 21, 2014

Kraft Happy Mail

We Have A Winner!

Why yes.  We do have a winner!

All the goodies (small items above packaged separately!) for our winner...Sheryl can now share the love with someone else!

This week's winner of "Show and Mail" is Sheryl who  hails from the state of Massachusetts!  Brrrrr....!  Her sweet letter arrived this week, and lo and behold...look how she decorated it!!  You would almost believe that she followed by stationery tutorial (see previous post).  But really , her letter arrived BEFORE I posted that .  I so love  her original art work.  Beautiful!  She also included  a tea bag...always appreciated!  Sheryl and I have been pen pals for 12 years now.  She had many questions for me from my last letter.  I love how we share our joy of the fiber arts...she is an amazing knitter...and I hang out in the crochet world.  We also share our trials and joys of homeschooling, often sharing tips of what works...and well...what doesn't!  To top it off, Sheryl has 11 children and STILL has time to write letters!  Thanks for your letter Sheryl...hope you enjoy the goodies!

I can't wait to see what is in my mail box this coming week!  Don't week's giveaway for "Show and Mail" will be just as great!  Write me a letter!

And don't forget...a Letter is ALWAYS better!

Write Letters.
Write Often!

Lady Pamela

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