Thursday, November 20, 2014

Stationery Scandals!!!

The Stationery Dilemma

Is it me?  Or am I just one of many who find it difficult to secure adequate stationery?  Most people in the letter writing community, when writing a letter, write more than a few lines.  We rather find ourselves  lost in the moment and just keep on writing our fine letter...more than the  requisite  "2 pages per envelope" stationery formula  which seems the current norm. This results in piles and piles of extra envelopes. I have often thought that I should rectify the situation by just making my own...and so I did.

I have started with a simple project that I have seen elsewhere.  It is a pretty common method for making stationery, perhaps you have seen it too?  I like it because it is simple yet, charming. 

Don't you love the supply list?  3 items...pretty simple!  I chose some ivory 8 1/2 X 11 paper, a multi colored ink pad, and a package of foam pouncers.

I think the end results are cute!  Not much effort, yet a nice effect.

So, will there be any other stationery projects in the making?  I think so!  My next effort will involve some washi love.

Would you like to share any of your stationery- making photos?  If so, contact me by email at:, and I will feature yours as well!

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  1. What a fun idea! I might have to try it. Where the heck do you find foam pouncers??? I have no trouble with fining stationery though...I write on the backs of cool flyers and on menus and on all kinds of things.....I mix and match and any paper is fair game.

    1. Hi Pamela! I love your creative stationery ideas! Always using what you have on hand! Those foam pouncers came from ACMoore , but I'm sure any of the major craft stores could have them. Also, i forgot to mention in the blog that the top of a pencil eraser could work as well-- and cheaper!