Friday, January 30, 2015

A Month Of Letters...Gearing Up!

My 5 TIPS For "A Month Of  Letters" Success!

Your challenge should you choose to accept it: 

1.)This month mail at least one item every day the post runs.  Write a postcard, a letter, send a picture,ma cutting from a newspaper, or a fabric swatch.  (This will be a total of 23 mailings)

2.)Write back to everyone who writes to you.  this can count as one of your mailed items!

Ok, It is really as simple as what I have copied from the web site:  A Month Of Letters .  So click on this and set up a very simple account.  There are forums, special challenges (you can earn badges!), free downloads, its just  a nice place to meet fellow letter writers! In total, you will mail out a total of 23  mailings, unless you get inspired, and send out more! Why only 23?   This is because there are four Sundays and one US holiday.  So, this challenge  really isn't too intimidating, is it?

Here is my list of TIPS to help you organize and prepare for a great experience!

1.  Gather all your supplies together in one place.  Writing paper, pens,  envelopes, 23 stamps, any enclosures , addresses, and any creative paper supplies (washi tape, markers, color pencils, stickers,etc.)--have fun with it for goodness sake!

Cute Envelopes add fun to your letter writing adventure!

Don't forget the washi tape....

You'll need these supplies if you take up one of the advanced challenges:  The Jane Austen badge!

2.  I generally sit down and write up a list of 23 people that I would like to write during the challenge.  I usually include  quite a few that I don't normally correspond with on a regular basis.

3.  I try to have a typed guide/format, so as to streamline my keep me on track.
  •  I usually type up a  general information section  (usually a bullet format) about what has been going on with me, things that I want to include in my letter,  
  • Then I  have a list of questions that I would like to ask the reader.
  •  the next part of the letter will be more personalized.
I hope you don't think this is cold.  This is just a visual reminder of what I want to include in my letter.  So often I sit....and think...and  I just can't remember what I want to say to an individual.  This is just a starter.  The letter can morph into what ever I feel led to write at the time of writing.

4.  This year I'm going to include in my organization ,  a calendar page with who I will be writing each day.  Just putting a name in one of the calendar squares is motivating to me.  It is already the beginning of a commitment!    

5.  Also, this year, I plan to pre- address my envelopes and place a  stamp on them.  

What about you?  Do you have any tips you would like to share about how to make LetterMo 2015 a  more successful experience?  If so, please leave a comment!   I love comments ;-).

I hope this helps you to take the challenge!  Let me know if you are "in!" or not!

Write Letters,
Write Often,

Lady Pamela


  1. Here's this year's planning calendar to get you started:

    Also, check out the badges you can earn and try to make those happen. Some are easy like sending from a different mailbox. Some might be challenging if you're new to letter writing, such as send to another country.

    Check the forums for addresses and pen pals. And if you're a member of Postcrossing, those cards count!

  2. Thanks for this excellent info! I've never joined this challenge, but am motivated to do so this year!

    1. Oh Yes, Mrs. Murphy! You absolutely must!

  3. I didn't participate last year, but i did the year before. I may sign up today to officially participate, but even if I don't I'm still planning to send mail every day this month. thanks for sharing your tips.

    1. I wasn't able to participate last year either...but thankful I can this year.