Friday, January 30, 2015

Long Lost Kindergarten friends...reunited through the Old and New


This is a story about two little girls who met in a Kindergarten class in  South County , St. Louis, Missouri...long, long, ago.  The two little girls became best friends, and did what little girls years ago did.  We had slumber parties, and played together at recess.  Memories are fading.  I have often thought of my "Bestie" from Kindergarten, but never really heard what had happened to her.  UNTIL...Facebook reunited us! About 6 months ago, Ruth sent a short message...hoping I was who she thought  I was. (I don't list my maiden name on my profile, however,  I might change that now! But my twin sister does list it, so I am assuming that she traced me through my twin sister.).  We had exchanged several messages over Facebook which was nice, but I decided it was time to send Ruth a letter and have a little deeper communication.  Many thanks to Facebook for the reuniting...Yay for Technology...but  a slower, deeper  exchange needed to happen.  There were lots of years to piece together.

The story continues:
Being an identical twin (see Twin Adventures post), and we happened to be in the same Kindergarten class as Ruth.  Unknown to me at the time, our teacher, the beloved Mrs Van Reese was Ruth's God Mother and next door neighbor.  Ah ha!  That gave her a distinctive edge in the class! ;-) Ruth remembers the first time she saw "the twins".  I don't have too many memories, just a few.  

I couldn't put my hand on my Kindergarten photo...if I can find it, I will upload it too.  But here we are... uhhh...that is me on the right in the Twin picture.  

Well, as normal...these fast friends grew up, and we progressed through  early elementary , I think we were in at least one  other class together.  But then she moved away in 3rd grade and in 4th grade my family moved to Japan.  Ruth tells me that we did send a few pen pal letters.  I sent her a necklace, and  a Japanese cushion.  But that is where everything...fades!  What happened over the years?

Remember this?  I actually sent this accordion letter to her!  I included , a bunch of  typical penpal prompts in this letter,  I wasn't sure how she would respond to this, it is very snail-mailish...and for people who are not in the habit of might seem a bit strange!

But my, oh , my!  Look what I got in the mail from Ruth!  I'm sorry for the torn paper...I couldn't help myself...I just had to tear into it! ;-)

Ruth stated that she wasn't too crafty, so she enlisted a friend who helped her with this.  I am blown away with the thoughtfulness...and just the fact that she would even get a friend to help her. Honestly, I never dreamed of receiving something like this!

Look at this gorgeous box...loaded with scenes of far away travel!

This is what greeted me, upon opening this sweet box.  (I loved what was in the "Open this First" envelope!)

Each little owl envelope had answers to all of my pen pal questions...and a beautifully type written letter, telling me all about her life after our girlhood memories had faded and our lives took very different directions.  This is my treasure.  She had to overcome many obstacles and  endured many hardships growing up.  But these things made her the beautiful woman she is today.   I am greatly inspired.

The pillow boxes contained goodies...some delicious tea...  And the scrolled paper, detailed her interests in Family Genealogy!

There was also this mysteriously wrapped gift...

 How  gorgeous is this?  This is a mason jar soup mix, with that cute little bottle of Tabasco sauce!  I can't wait to cook it up. Yum!

So much love and thoughtfulness boxed up...with so many unanswered questions...finally answered.

What a blessing to be reconnected with a very old friend, reaching back into the corners of my mind.  I am so thrilled to be able to stay in touch by ...using the new...and especially the old ways of communicating.

Write Letters,
Write Often!

Lady Pamela 


  1. I love this post. It always makes me so happy to hear about old friends reuniting whether through mail, social media or by phone. So glad you received such a lovely package and questions answered.