Friday, January 16, 2015

Stationery Scandals: Whimsy Theme DIY

DIY :  Stationery on the Whimsy Theme...

So...where do I start with my ideas for stationery?  Well, sometimes I look over my scrapbooking paper and find something I really want to use as a focal point, then work around that.  Other times, like this set, I like to use a rubber stamp set as my inspiration.  Then I settle on a color theme and from there the ball just keeps rolling!

I adore this rubber stamp set, actually it is two.  Most of it you could draw free hand, but I did use the rubberstamps, at least faintly and then just filled it in freehand, as it was not stamping well.  I used a red gel pen to fill in on the red.  I went with a black and red theme and used my coordinating washi tapes.  I also had some black cut outs from another project that was left over that worked well here.    The tag picked up on the lady bug off the envelope.  I was glad I could find a country sticker in the black and red colors.  

I had to turn my postage stamp around to fit the envelope and not run into my stamp image.  I might have to place the postage stamp on the envelope FIRST, then work around it, instead of vice versa. Again, this postage stamp is picking up the black and red theme.  

I can't wait to send out a letter using this stationery!  Oh, in case you are wondering about why I am only including 2 stationery sheets  with each set, it is because they are 8 1/2 X 11 inches, so fairly large for a lengthy letter.  FUN!

Write Letters.
Write Often.

Lady Pamela

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