Friday, April 3, 2015

Let Me Tell You About A Letter In My Mailbox...

Mail Box Spotlight of the Week!

This beautiful letter arrived in my mailbox recently.

And I particularly loved the Victorian wax seal. 

The envelope and the paper appeared to be tea dyed.  I don't think that  I  have  tried doing that yet.   It gave the letter  a really "old, vintage" feel to it.  It arrived with a charming package of wild flower seeds!

I hope to plant these by  next weekend.  

Thank you , Virginia for writing me and being my  Mail Box Spotlight for this week.  You will receive a gift in the mail from me-- along with a letter!. 

Would you  like to be featured on this blog? Please take a look at the sidebar for my address... and write!  I will be featuring  mail as it comes in.  (I am a bit behind, so I am playing catch up for the next couple of weeks.)  And thank you for your letters...I love each and everyone of them.

Write Letters
Write Often.

Lady Pamela


  1. Love it! Tea dyed paper...I want to look into that!

    1. I know...right? I'm going to try it too. I have tea dyed fabric before but never paper.