Friday, April 3, 2015

Let Me Tell You About A Letter In My Mailbox...

Mail Box Spotlight of the Week!

This beautiful letter arrived in my mailbox recently.

And I particularly loved the Victorian wax seal. 

The envelope and the paper appeared to be tea dyed.  I don't think that  I  have  tried doing that yet.   It gave the letter  a really "old, vintage" feel to it.  It arrived with a charming package of wild flower seeds!

I hope to plant these by  next weekend.  

Thank you , Virginia for writing me and being my  Mail Box Spotlight for this week.  You will receive a gift in the mail from me-- along with a letter!. 

Would you  like to be featured on this blog? Please take a look at the sidebar for my address... and write!  I will be featuring  mail as it comes in.  (I am a bit behind, so I am playing catch up for the next couple of weeks.)  And thank you for your letters...I love each and everyone of them.

Write Letters
Write Often.

Lady Pamela