Monday, May 25, 2015

Send a note of Encouragement!

Do you know of someone who needs to hear these words?

I love these note cards.  The message is amazing and  is often needing to be heard by our loved ones.    So often I forget the place that note cards have in the life of a snail mail correspondent.  The note card is such a valuable entity, but easy to dismiss if you are  more accustomed to  penning the lengthier cousin, the letter.    Unfortunately  (for the note card) I fall into the letter writer camp.  But recently decided to take a second look at the note card.

First and foremost, I took down, and dusted off my beautiful copy of  Margaret Shepherd's The Art of the Handwritten Note, and began re-reading it. It is one of the classics of hand-written correspondence.   

Simply put  Ms. Shepherd states the value of the hand written note and what it conveys to the reader;

     'You matter to me... I thought of you...I took trouble on your's who I am...I've been thinking of you in the days since this was mailed...I want to share with you the  textures and colors and images I like.... And that's just the unspoken  messages ,the pleasure anticipated before  the reader even reads the words that the pen and paper have inspired you to choose.... A note can deliver all this for less than a dollar's worth of materials and ten minutes of your time."

Of course, that is just the beginning of this lovely book.  I will enjoy re-reading it.  But I also think I am going to make Note Writing a more customary part of my letter writing  routine.  Perhaps, I will even set aside one day for using notes only!

I hope to share more about my adventures in Hand Written Notes with you soon! I am beginning  to look at the hand written note as a "mini letter", and so .   What about you?  Are note cards a formal part of your writing routine?  What occasions to you use to write a note card?  

Write Letters,
Write Often.

Lady Pamela



  1. I love that book! you've inspired me to get it out and re read it! I send occasional notes but I like your idea of setting aside 1 day to just write notes!

    1. It's a great read. I'm enjoying re-reading it!

  2. Thanks for the book recommendation. I ordered it from my library. Also eager to read of how your adventures go with note writing. Note cards are fun because they are so varied. I'm not artistic so I rely on others for that.

    1. Yes, I agree about the nice variety of note cards. I especially like the Barnes and Noble variety. :) I am hoping to get some notes out this evening.