Friday, July 17, 2015

Out Going Snail Mail!!!


I had some Texas Mail going out...but I didn't plan this envelope too well.  My script sort of crashed into the stamp corner, ugh! I had to put the other stamp a good distance away.  Lesson  Learned.  Its probably a good idea to place your stamps on your envelope ...FIRST,  Then go ahead with whatever else you plan to do  on the envelope.  

Oh how I love this Sam Houston Stamp!    Texas has certainly produced  its share of  "colorful" men! 

Did a bit of parceling this past week.  I do so love this vintage"Mailman" stamp!

Little people mail going out!  I always want to send individual letters to this family's children...but it never fails...they never arrive all at the same time  causing a bit of  consternation among the ranks, I'm afraid

Texas mail, camp mail, map letters, thank you cards. little people mail, parcels...oh my.  It has been a really good postal week for me!

Write Letters 
Write Often.  

Lady Pamela

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