Monday, August 10, 2015

Happy Mail...Pretty in Pink!

Happy Mail on the pink theme...

Do you know of someone who needs a "Pink"lift?  why not put together  Some Pink Happy Mail!!  

1.  Grab a few things that have pink as their predominant color.

2.  Head on over to your paper stash.  Do you have some pretty pink scrapbooking paper?  Perfect!  Ok, find that hot pink gel pen of yours and sit down at your desk.  Think about your friend, and write down some thoughts that will lift her spirits...quickly before they vanish from your head!

3.  Find a  medium sized padded envelope (new or recycled)...Pop your items and letter in and mail it off!

Happy Mail...EVERYDAY...Happy Mail....EVERYDAY...Happy Mail...EVERYDAY...Happy Mail

Write Letters,
Write Often.
Lady Pamela

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