Saturday, August 8, 2015

Watermelon Mail!

Snail mail Themes

Did you know that August 3rd was National Watermelon Day?  We eat LOTS of watermelon around yummy!  Its the quintessential summer food, right?   I found out about this national day of celebration a bit late, but decided to get some Watermelon mail sent out anyway!   So out came my watercolors and envelopes!  I ended up making 2 envelopes and one postcard.  Fun...yummy delicious mail!

I like to use graph paper to write my letters .  Have you ever tried thought of that?  It gives your letter a nice , loose, casual fee.    Decorate with washi tape and doodles with your jelly markers. do I possibly NOT have any watermelon washi tape?  Impossible, but true! This letter is going to a new pen pal in the state of Oregon.  So on the look out!  ;-)

Write Letters,
Write Often!

Lady Pamela


  1. Lucky Beth! I've never thought of graph paper but how sensible. I have, though, thought of Rhodia Dot paper and maybe even wrote a letter or two on it once upon a time. Dots or grids save the trouble of guidelines which can be difficult to see but dolled up with washi, grid paper takes on a whole new playful look. What a great way to make your own personalized stationery!