Friday, August 28, 2015

Letter Writing Kits

Do You Know Of Someone Who Needs A Little Push?

I have friends and acquaintances who when the conversation rolls around to my favorite topic (letter writing) act completely befuddled!  When I mention writing a letter or talking about pen pals, they look at me with wide-eyed amazement!   It never ceases to puzzle me that many people today have never thought of writing a letter. Our fast pace, portable electronic device driven world is at a total loss when it comes to writing a letter.  Most people do not have the supplies at hand to compose a thoughtful letter, let alone a crafty, interesting letter.  I think that is how and why I began to develop the complete  Letter Writing Kits that are available at my Etsy store:  LostArtRevived.  I have several themed kits and more to come.  The "Pen Pals" kit is the most popular kit that I offer. You can find out all about it  at my store.  They make great gifts for birthdays, or for a friend who is wanting to find their way into the snail mail world.  It might just take a little push.

The craftier the better.
Crafty Snail Mailing,



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    1. Thanks Pamela, I've been told that it is a painless way to enter the snail mail world, so that makes me happy.