Friday, September 4, 2015

Intriguing Swap Bot Exchange!

A Swap That Floated My Boat!

Many of you already know about the enormous swapping community called Swap-bot  .  If you have never heard of it before, I suggest you check it out.  You will be glad you did.  Like many, though,I tend to get a bit over ambitious with my swapping and get involved with  too many complicated (but fun) swaps and then begin to stress over deadlines , etc.  So, I had to take a brief break , knowing that summer would be coming up and when I am typically MORE unorganized than normal.   I am back as an active member now and found such a fun swap that I just had to share it with you!

The swap was called " Today in an Envelope".  The following is a description of the swap:

Wanna know how someone else lives?
This is a fun opportunity to walk in your partner's shoes...for just one day.
There is an international version of this swap happening too so I thought I'd do this one a wee bit different. For this USA one, you'll have 2 partners. So you'll make an envie of the same day twice or make one for two different days. Plus you'll get two envies in the mail!
You will take items that describe/show what you did today and put them inside of an envelope for your partner. You can write a letter about what you did, insert a leaf from outside, throw in a receipt for something you purchased today, add a candy that you ate, write the last song you heard. Maybe you will draw a picture of something you did or take a photograph. Fill the envelope with many things from your day. Get creative.
The last time I did this, I received an envie of fun details and sample of the delicious tea she drank that day :-

I thought the concept of this was so interesting that I got busy right away.  This is how I fulfilled the requirements.

I thought this project would be great in a transparent envelope.   I hadn't used any transparent envelopes in quite awhile so it was time!  (By the way, these are totally reusable!)

First I wrote a letter explaining all of the various things that I was sending that would clarify my day a bit more.  Aren't these  tiny envelopes the cutest? (Thank you Martha Stewart!)

I just couldn't resist sealing it with wax.

Letter...Check.  Ok , one piece of the project is done.

I included a tiny stationery sample of scrap booking goodness and a sample of washi tape. These items were explained this way: Of course, crafty letter writing would be part of my day, and when letter writing,  I seem to always have a cup of tea at my side.  The two seem to go hand in hand.

I included a page from a book that I was currently reading which was entitled Among the Janeites a hilarious read that I highly recommend.  I was also working  in my flower garden and included seeds from that garden to share.

The last items I included were post cards from my blogs  and cards from my ETSY store, (I know, a little self-promotion, right?), but in all honesty, they were included because I would be spending some time in my day on my blogs.

Here is an overview of  my entire day...oh!  I forgot to mention the article that I included. (Title:  Last 10 Years)  I needed to send something about homeschooling as I spent a few hours of my day on that as well.  I found my HSLDA magazine and tore out a couple of pages of that to send.  I believe this is a good representation of my day as a whole. :-)

All that was left to do was to place the contents in the cool envelope and get it off to the post office before the deadline.  Yes, yes, I was working right up to the day before the deadline.  (I live dangerously, don't I?).  All of the items fit into the envelope just right.

There are countless numbers of swaps that are readily available for anyone wanting a little mail box happiness.   I am eager to receive my partners "Day in an Envelope".  It is always nice to see how someone else lives, isn't it?

The Craftier, the Better--
Happy Snail Mailing,



  1. What a fun idea! I love all the items you put in your envelope.
    I will have to check out swap-bot....

  2. Yes it is! I had so much fun putting this swap together. Swap-bot can be addicting...fair warning! ;-)

  3. How clever you are! I've done what I think was a swap only once. It was many summers ago. Yours sounds like like a fun way of sharing the remains of the day, only it's more like tokens from a day in the life of.

    1. It really was an interesting swap. I'm glad I did it!

  4. Replies
    1. Yes. It may be a reoccurring swap or variations of it may be out there--- keep an eye out for it :-)