Friday, September 11, 2015

Spot Light On My Mail Box

Do You Get Cool Mail?

Oh, yes.  I get the best!  This envelope is so amazing...How DID she do it?  I am guessing now, perhaps masking fluid (for the cursive writing) then paint with a template? The green "paint" is textured.   Oh, the mystery of it all.  I love it.  But that was only the beginning...

This is a file folder letter.  It is just beautiful, isn't it?  I am loving all of the encouraging, positive vibes.

Here it is when opened.  Lots of details and work!

And my, oh my.  All of the goodies inside the pocket.  I really did enjoy the letter too.  She asked some really great  pen pal questions for a first letter, such as, "What are some of your summer highlights;  what are your hobbies, etc.   

Thank you Cathy.  I will be popping the following into the mail for you for being my "Spot Light on my Mail Box" winner.  If you would like to write me,  and would like to be featured on my blog, my address is on the right side column of this page.  

The Craftier, the better!
Happy Snail Mailing,



  1. Some people does up some pretty snazzy stuff. Mine isn't a bit snazzy but I'm trying....Coffee is on

    1. But my oh my, Miss Dora, you PUT OUT so many letters...I am truly "all astonishment!"

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  2. Thank you so much for featuring my letter Pam!! It was so much fun to make! The envelope is no mystery ;)
    I used a stencil I found in the sale section at Michael's and acrylic paint. I used a sponge to give it that rough texture. I'm so happy you enjoyed it!