Saturday, April 2, 2016

Incoming , and Elaine Mail Flip Book

Guest Post Featuring Elaine

Hello fellow snail mailers!  I have  a treat for you today.  I had  a good bundle of  snail mail in my mailbox  recently and it was all fantastic!  Included in the bundle of mail was this package from my former neighbor who lives in the city, while I now live about 45 minutes away in the country.  I have invited Elaine to share her love of snail mail and  to share with you her mail process.

Elaine's mail is the sunflower envelope pictured above.

Lost Art:  How do you decide what sort of mail you are going to create?  
Elaine:  Well, Pam, you sent me a flip book  and so I was responding in like manner with making this flip book for you!

Lost Art:  Elaine, how did you get involved with the Snail Mail community?

Elaine :  I have always enjoyed writing notes and letters as a form of  encouragement for others.  I have also always loved hand written notes, I even have a notebook that I practice my hand writing in.  I copy poems or other inspirational writings.   I Also  have  joined  some Swapbot Christian groups for mutual edification/ encouragement of people all over the world.  

Lost Art:  Where do you derive your source of inspiration for your mail creations?
Elaine:  I normally search Pinterest first for ideas and tutorials.  For this flip book, I just simply typed in, "Flip Book" in the search bar, and of course got plenty of inspiration.

Lost Art:  Where is your favorite  source for finding your craft supplies?
Elaine:  I usually  shop the "Big Three", Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and JoAnns.  But I also keep my eyes open to other places.  Target, One Spot,  AC Moore, and unlikely places:  stationery sections in drug stores might hold a surprise!

Lost Art:  Where did you get the adorable letter charm?
Elaine:  I'm really not sure!  Probably Hobby Lobby.

Lost Art:  I love your color  scheme.  How do you  pull your  ideas together?
Elaine:  I usually get  all of my embellishments out and just rummage through them until it  I feels like the right one for the right spot in my creations.

So much cuteness!  This definitely qualifies as "Happy Mail"!!

These sentiments are fun and encouraging!

Lost Art:  Will you be making any more flip books?
Elaine:  Yes, I  am hooked! And actually, I will be making and sending one to my daughter in  CA.  I thought it would be cute  to start putting gift cards in the pockets.  
Lost Art:  Great idea!

The next post will be taking you on a tour of Elaine's is a real sweet set up.  It might give you some ideas of how best to organize your Snail Mail materials.  I know it is a definite inspiration for me.

Go forth and send beautiful mail!



  1. That's adorable! Why does visiting your blog make me want to buy yellow sealing wax and a bee seal??

    1. I know! I just want to go out and buy more craft supplies when I see this type of crafty letters!

  2. Never tried a flip though book. Maybe at some later date I may try it.
    Coffee is on