Sunday, May 1, 2016

Phenomenal Accordian Letter !!!!

Happy Mail...Indeed!

This came to me in a clear cello bag envelope.  Look at all the amazing details, including the stamps, the USPS tracking bar code...the "Happy Mail" sticker....I am already in love!

I love the rustic, bohemian feel to this letter, as I begin to unwrap the twine.

This is ABSOLUTE GENIUS!!  Ha, ha.  I thought I had seen everything...but no, apparently I have not!  

...because everyone likes to receive letters in the mail.  

This is the lovely folio that has been unfolded in all of it's splendor.

Oh yes.  Smile!  I did a lot of that while perusing all the little nooks and crannies of this wonderful letter.

This took so much time and thought.  Everything is just so beautiful.  I like the color scheme going on here with all the greens and yellows, and a nice nature and wildlife theme going throughout .

Cute mail tag envelope.  And look at this pocket of goodies!

The introductory letter was very nice and newsy.  I had to empty out all the pockets and show you the wonderful goodness she packed inside.  Thank you Michelle...I hope what I have sent you has arrived!

What a wonderful  gift of a letter and more.  When someone invests so much time and effort in sending you something like this, it really is a gift of themselves, I think that is why "Happy Mail" resonates with so many people today.  So when you receive something like this in the mail, be sure to  reciprocate in like manner, half of the fun of creating is sharing!

Happy Snailmailing!


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  1. Dear Lady Pamela,
    I really enjoyed seeing the letter which you received from Michelle who has created a marvellous flapbook for you. Something for you to treasure and look at and read over and over again.
    Kind regards ~ Lady Anne xx

    Lady Anne Milnes-Howard
    of Glencairn, Caithness Scotland.

  2. Thank you Lady Anne, it really brought joy!

  3. I love how you combined all those fun colors with the basic brown. Adoring your craft would be even more fun if you enlarge your photographs a bit more. And I would appreciate if you would pay my fan page a visit.