Tuesday, May 17, 2016

FAST FOOD Snail Mail????

Fast Food  Snail Mail???


I've had some really lovely mail lately...and some of it makes me hungry!

This super cute folder book with the "Fast Food" theme, came from Cathy in Sunny California! As typical of her wonderful, creative style, she carries the theme throughout...everything was "Fast Food"!  How delightful

The envelope was just the best!  She is so talented with her CRAZY good drawing skills and color.

Look at all of this that she packed into this small folder mail package....tea, stickers, journal cards, sticky notes, mail tag, a post card from a recent trip and her lovely letter!

And her letters are always so cheerful and newsy, just the way I like them!

I finally got around to answering her amazing happy mail (I've managed to get rather behind with my letter writing. )...I hope she enjoys it!

Happy Snail Mailing,



  1. Oh, I love it! It all looks so friendly and cheery :)

    1. It was a delight to receive!

    2. Hi Pam, I just received your wonderful letter! The tea was an excellent touch! :)

    3. So glad! Can't wait to see you ...soon!