Friday, May 20, 2016

Sunshine Mail...Flip Book

 Let's Bring Some Sunshine into some one's life!

Here is  another Flip Book that I sent out to Cathy in Sunny California.  You have probably done some version of this in the past, in one shape or another.  I made this flip book in the  dead of my mind naturally longed for sunny days.  Currently,  central Virginia is under a deluge!  We are "in the running for"  one of the wettest May's in recorded history.  We need sunshine here.  But, making some snail mail sunshine is the next best thing.   There are many youtube videos on how to put together Flip Books of all shapes and sizes if you are interested in more information and tutorials.

 This book has 6 pages, but I have also made Flip Books that are just 2 pages, more like folders.
I had to cut the yellow card stock to be sure they would fit in my cello bags which I will use for an envelope.  

Once you have used washi tape to secure the pages in the book, then you are ready to go as far as decorating each page.  Here is the first page layout.  

Page 3 and 4 Layout.

Pages 5 and 6 layout.  

Here are some of the contents of the pockets, tea, tags,  Sunflower washi sample--isn't it cute? Sticker embellishments, and a Sunflower mail tag card.  

I posted this earlier  on a Paint Chip idea post, but thought I would include it here as it was sent with this Flip Book.

The back side is covered with yellow paper and then stamped.

After making your cute Flip Book....don't forget the LETTER!  I enjoy crafty things too....but the letter is the heart and soul of  your mail.  So have fun, and send some sunshine today!

Oh, and here it is going into the mail slot at the Amelia Court House  USPS...with some colorful postage.  Isn't it amazing that this little packet is making a transcontinental trip?  I can't make a trip to California, but the following quote says it all:

To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.  ~Phyllis Theroux
Happy Snail Mailing!


  1. Oh it's just beautiful! So much happy and sunshine!!

  2. Yellow and Snailmail!!? A winning combination. Well done. 😊