Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Making Envelopes!!

You Can Make Your Own Beautiful Envelopes--It's Easy!

Hello everyone!  It has been quite some time since I have posted about making your own envelopes.  Here is a link to a previous post on home made envelopes:  HERE  I made a batch recently and thought that I would share how I make mine.  I do have a Make a Memory envelope maker but I am still not getting quite the results I would like, so  i'll need to study the youtube videos again.  Until then, I have found that using my trusty Kreate-a-Lope  envelope templates is just so easy!  I can't find any like mine on line, but you can do a search for envelope templates and several show up.

I received my set second hand from my niece, several years ago.  It is constructed of a rather sturdy plastic, not flimsy at all.  It offers several sizes and shapes of envelopes.

Here is a close up shot of the company that makes them.  You can find what they have on Amazon.

The templates come with two pieces.  The large one, is the actual envelope.  the small piece, is the guide to help you fold accurately and to get nice crisp folds.

I used  a roll ofKraft paper which I purchased at Walmart.  I like to line my envelopes .  I used a pad of scrapbooking paper that was 8X8, but the 6X6 would work as well.

Here is the envelope that is cut and folded.  I selected my liner piece, used some glue, and ....

positioned it as you see.  It doesn't not have to cover the whole inside of the envelope.  It will not be seen.

Do you have a favorite purchased envelope?  I find those that I enjoy , then take them apart, trace them on a piece of cardboard, then....voila!!  I have an envelope!

This is a great book that has such fabulous ideas for creative envelope making. It can still be purchased on Amazon.   It is published in a large format, and comes with plastic 3 envelope templates.  I purchased mine used, and it only had 2 of the templates.  The author encourages the use of recycled materials to be your paper source for your envelopes.  

I think these food themed envelopes look absolutely "delicious"!

I had to run out today and purchase some supplies for a paper crafting workshop that I will be doing this week.  When I stopped by A C Moore, I noticed (after I had already checked out) that their super nice (thick like wall paper!) 16 month calendars were on sale for $1--normally $15.99.  They make GREAT envelopes!  So, of course, I got back in line and made my purchase!  What a great frugal find.

I hope that this has been helpful to you.  Go ahead, carefully tear apart your favorite envelope and make your own template--then get busy!  And most of all...have fun.

Happy Snail Mailing,



  1. :) Beautiful envelopes! And helpful tips--thanks!

  2. Those are lovely and so easy! I make envelopes all the time using the scissors method. It's easy but the Kreate-a-lope looks illegally easy.

  3. two things I like to use in making envelopes is wall paper and calendars. Which I can fine out the thrift stores.
    Although yours looks a lot nicer then mine.
    Coffee is on