Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Banner mail...calendar mail

Colorful Flags waving in the air...

I was the happy recipient of the Flow magazine banners.  Thank you Limner!  So it was time for me to send my "endless banner mail" on.  There are no letters in these envelopes yet...Just working on the envelopes which takes time.

Here's a little fun with some of the vintage stamps in my collection.

 And have you noticed that AC Moore had their 2016 Calendars on sale for $1 each?  They are those thick , thick textured paper too! So I snatched up several and made some envelopes from  these as well.  

Now that the envelopes are crafted, it's time to write some letters to PUT inside these envelopes.  That's the next step.

Happy Snail Mailing!