Saturday, November 26, 2016

More Out Going Snail Mail!

Dear Elaine....

Some long over due Elaine mail... Do you have a long time pen pal?  I have a few.  They are great! 
This was a little flip book with an autumn theme.  Some people say that I have an "illustrative" style of letter writing.  I fill the boarders with little tidbits.  Just a "side note" :) but the pen pictured is a rather nice black gel pen from the Dollar Tree.  I'll try them out...seriously, you can't go too wrong if you are just paying a dollar.  This pen wrote decently.  

Map themed envelope for Miss Ella.  This was made from a sheet of scrapbooking paper. I hope she enjoyed some of the older stamps.  Oh, and another plug for the Dollar Tree store:  the middle washi tape roll was purchased there.  So cute.

Happy Snail Mailing!


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