Thursday, December 8, 2016

Snail Mail Frugal Finds...

Dollar Tree Score!!!!

Ok.  I'm all about FRUGAL finds and I'm sure you are too!  I recently found these  items at the Dollar Tree, and quickly snatched them up.  I love the is so vintage-y, right?   The calendars are nice and have a retro feel, great for envelope making.  The thing about the Dollar Tree is this:  get it when it is there, because the following week it won't be there!

Look at this spring-themed washi tape!  The labels are so!

My last great find at the Dollar Tree was this book that has been on my NTB (need to buy) list!
Don't pass up the book section at the Dollar Tree....they sell NY Times best sellers there for a dollar.  This book is a gorgeous hardback with dust jacket, 463 pages, great photos...retails for $27.50, and I got mine for $1!!!  I can't wait to read it all from cover to cover-- will do over Christmas break.

Enjoy the nice cold blast of ARTIC , Canadian (a nice gift from our friends to the North!) weather that is headed our way!  I find that letter writing is the BEST indoor activity to do when looking for ways to unplug from your devices.  It would be a great time to get a Letter Writing Social organized.  So gather your friends together , ok maybe after the holidays,  and gather supplies and have a great time pumping out letters.  

And for all you lovers of a good deal, ALL of my letter writing kits are ON SALE now through Christmas.  If you purchase a complete kit (excludes the mini kits) you will receive  a free pencil bag/pouch.  You can just message me a description of any of the pencil pouches ( I have more that are not in the picture) in my Etsy store and I will include it in your order.  This is good until the 20th.  

So keep on writing letters.  And for all of you waiting for a reply to your letter that you sent me, it is in the Que, I am working and getting through them.  I will be all caught up by the end of the year, to get my slate clean.

Send a Letter today!


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