Friday, December 23, 2016

Incoming Snail Mail: Cute Pink Flip Book

Here is a recent batch of incoming mail.  Isn't it lovely?  I love each and every letter.  I am still behind on replies, but I am working on them, steady, steady  (wins the race)!

This delightful letter came with some beautiful stamps, in a clear cello envelope.  Next was the pretty gold foil envelope-- it was like unwrapping a gift under the tree!

What a lovely pink flip book!

Here is the first page flipped open.  Filled with all sorts of goodness and such a pretty pastel palate.

Opening the nest flap  revealed more goodness.

Ah.  The letter.  The "cherry on top"!

Stickers, flower punches, my, my!  I'll have to double check to make sure I have not missed a thing!

I will make use of all these cute enclosures.  They are such fun to use or pass on!

All opened up!

Here is a look at the back of this pretty in pink flip book.  A nice assortment of tags tucked away. 

Thank you for such adorable "happy mail"!  I will definitely be working on some happy mail to send your way as well.  And I hope that everyone reading this has had a lovely day of mail as well.

Don't forget, as Pamela at cappuccinoandartjournal reminds us:  "To GET good mail, you need to SEND good mail. "

So go ahead, send out some "good mail" today!



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    1. Thank you , Bekka Joy! I think so too! Thanks for your comments...

  2. So happy you enjoyed it! I had such fun creating it. I love to send fun mail and Happy envies.