Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Customize It ...Please!

My mission...on a rubber stamp!

Hello everyone.  This post is  not related too much to snail mail, but in some ways it is.  So hang in there while I explain! I live in Virginia where nearly every car has a customized license plate, usually telling the world something about themselves.  I can relate to this, especially in the snail mail realm.  I wanted to have a customized rubber stamp that would state my mission and so I purchased this some time ago, to use on most of my Etsy packaging , but I also use it on some of my mail.  I love the special touch it adds to mail going out.

Here is mine--it's  self -inking!  Whoo Hoo!  I believe I got this particular rubber stamp off of Groupon  a year or so ago.  There are so many companies that offer customized rubber stamps...a quick look at ETSY will bring up a good number.  But all that to say, I use this little tool nearly everyday.  

Do you have a mission?  A passion?  Why not put it into words and share it with others?

Write  a letter today,


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