Saturday, June 17, 2017

Incoming Happy Mail from Patti!

Incoming:Vintage, Postal Themed Mail!

The envelope was only the start to a wonderful what was to come!

Just look at this gorgeous hand made, zippered pouch from the Tim Holtz postal fabric made by my new instagram friend, Patti! Super for keeping a stash of postal goodies , especially good for on the run letter writing! You can find her on instagram as:  pmarti5.  You'll want to check her out, she makes fabulous mail art!

The note card is so amazing!  Made of thick , cotton-y like paper...lovely!  And write back...I did!  You'll see my letter to Patti in a future post.

Coming soon!  A photo tour of my recent trip to the National Postal Museum  (Washington DC) with new friends that I have made on Instagram.    Stay tuned!

Happy Snail Mailing!



  1. It's beautiful! Happy toting when you're inclined to write a little mail on the run.

    Staying tuned . . .

    1. IT really is beautiful. So much talent! I am definitely going to use this and on the go at that!

  2. Got a letter out today. And did a blog post on how we might communcated in future..I would say letter writing been around for the longest...

  3. Love the little note card and zipper pouch! Great fabric! Happy mail, happy day😊