Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Snail Mail Outgoing...Collage, Flip Books, and More!

A Peek Into My Outgoing Mail...

An envelope using a bit of collage technique, vintage style.

Flip book, bi fold going out....hmmm....what label looks good here?  I wish craft manufacture would produce more VINTAGE items like these.  Does anyone have a favorite craft store for vintage items, online , perhaps?

These are simple to make and just a fun way to use all those pretty papers and die cuts that you want to put to good use, right?  I have folded the letter and put it into a cello bag.  Why?  I'm not sure.  Just another little something to open up I suppose.  Don't we like little packages?  The possibilities are endless.  I try to imagine the recipient  and what joy it can bring to them, so I just try to make whatever I send  out cheerful and fun.  A gift.

A recent letter I sent out.  The envelope is made and lined with scrapbooking paper.  I love the chintz print.

Here's another little flip book , bi fold that I recently sent out... Spread a little sunshine today!  Send out some pretty mail,  write a letter!  I know you can do it!

Happy Snail Mailing!



  1. Adorable! Your letters are always gifts.

    1. Thank you so much , Mrs. Duffy! I believe I owe you a letter!

  2. Very pretty! I love sending/receiving special mail!