Friday, November 14, 2014

The "Ooooohhhh" Factor!

What EXACTLY is a Tuck-in? or an Enclosure?

My daughter's friend, who lives down the lane has a mother who is struggling with cancer.  She is on her second year of chemo...and it really knocks her out.  She has 4 young daughters...the youngest is 4. :(
But my daughter and her friend have gotten together to start a Cancer Awareness Club.  They make little things to sell to give to the cancer center where her mom gets her treatments.  It is so sweet.  Here they have made origami cancer ribbons...aren't they beautiful???  I just love origami and  the different textures, colors, etc.  So bright and cheerful!  And do you know what I am doing with these?  I am using them as tuck- ins  for my letters!

It has been awhile since I last had a post on fact I think it is listed as enclosures... here is a link to  the previous page. Tuck ins  give your letters the  "ooohhhh" factor.  A little like the surprise in the Cracker Jack box....(oh dear, I am seriously dating myself here!)  Lets take a  look at enclosures...tuck ins...whatever name you want to give them, to see how YOU can add the "Oooohhhh!"  factor!

I like lists...short and here we go with Tuck-in Ideas for your letter writing!

  • a simple sketch or drawing
  • a message written in code
  • a meaningful poem
  • post office stamps
  • a local leaf (pressed flat)
  • a favorite stick of gum
  • a bookmark
  • a favorite written quote
  • a cartoon or comic
  • a swatch of ink sample
  • a popsicle stick of washi tape samples
  • an extreme close up picture of an everyday object.  The other person would try to guess what it is.
  • a sample card of a favorite perfume or cologne
  • a portion of sheet music of a favorite song or music
  • a small origami item
  • a hand made coupon
  • an inexpensive gift card
  • a photo copy of a line or paragraph from your favorite book
  • status cards
  • mood cards
  • journal cards with  favorite quote
  • photos
  • newspaper clippings
  • pressed flowers
  • pressed four leaf clovers
  • a swatch of fabric that you are using with a sewing or craft project
  • Your Turn!!!  Please leave me a comment with your favorite tuck-in that I have missed!

Write Letters.
Write Often!

Lady Pamela


  1. My good friend will sometimes tuck in a tea bag in her letters. I have always really enjoyed that and have used the idea several times. I have also used confetti and pine needles from my Christmas tree.

  2. Such great ideas! Thanks for sharing!