Friday, May 8, 2015

Let Me Tell You About A Letter In My Mailbox...

Snail Mail Spotlight!!

I am so honored...

I received this letter recently and just had to tell you about it.  This is actually a letter from a friend of mine.   I immediately admired the bright, colorful and cheerful envelope.  She blames me for her washi tape fascination now.  

I am  consistently thrilled with witty quotes on the back side of an envelope, and this letter did not disappoint.  I have a note book  that I keep of quotes, I am regularly looking for new ones to add to my collection.

But what made this ordinary letter extraordinary was this marvelous snippet in her letter (and I quote);  "Today, I'm sorry to say, I've allowed electronic devices to be my main form of communication.  Your Blog has inspired me, so I'm sending my first snail mail letter to you!"[Note: this writer had written letters in times past, but not in recent years]
Obviously, she could have sent a letter to anyone...but  I was tickled pink that she chose me!  What an honor!  And for that very reason, I chose her letter to be my Spotlight on my Mail box!

Here is what I have sent out to her, just a little thank you for joining the "Snailmail Revolution" and allowing me to "spotlight" her mail  this week.

I am loving the "Ready Post" bubble mailers at the USPS!  Yay! I was a bit behind on my Spot Light mail going out, so the other one was to Miss. Virginia for her lovely tea dyed letter.  

So put excuses aside.  Put pen to paper and perhaps you too may be re-discovering snail mail for the first time in a long time.  

Write Letters,
Write Often.

Lady Pamela


  1. How nice! I love the quote on the envelope 'TOday is a good day to have a good day'! :) Isn't it just!