Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Flip Book : Elaine Mail

Elaine always full of surprises!

Whenever I receive a parcel from my dear friend, Elaine, I know it is going to be amazing.

She has blessed me with a lovely "book quality" flip book on the Christmas theme.  The "book quality"  is due to the fact that she used extra sturdy , heavy cardboard for the front and back pages, so it really does feel like you have a little book in your hand.

But where does she find the adorable charms?   She finds the absolute BEST ones!  I love the little "letter" charm, and of course, I love the "P" and the cool chain tassel. AND THE STAMPS!!!!! Look at those gorgeous vintage stamps from "Christmases long time ago..."  (do you see the effect?  I am breaking into Christmas songs just looking at the front of this!)   Oh my goodness...I just love it!

Here are the first pages...those 3-D stickers on the left are so cool...the are rounded clear shaker stickers!  Some very nice goodies in the first pocket.

A beautiful reminder of the "reason for the season"!  I love the page from a hymnal? Silent Night is one of my favorite carols.

The last page has her wonderful letter. 

The back side is as pretty as the front.  Thank you , Elaine, for such a gift to treasure.  You are so talented!

If you would like to visit  Elaine's Amazing Craft Studio just click on the link!  I did a previous post on her studio and chatted with her about her projects!

Hope you are getting everything done in this BUSY , Christmas season!  Stay calm, drink tea...and of course,

Send some GOOD mail today!



  1. I found some Christmasey stamps that are super old, and I am going to be sending you some!

    1. So wonderful...I think we all enjoy old stamps!