Thursday, December 15, 2016

Is There A Washi Tape Addiction Hotline?

                                          5 Signs of a Washi Tape Addiction (OK, make it 6)

Now, of course, I am not referring to myself.  No, never.  But just in case there are those of you who may struggle this area, let us check if we can at least see the warning signs.

1.  You find yourself surfing online Etsy late at night, half awake, half comatosed , for pink flamingo washi tape.
2.  It isn't a coincidence that  your budget doesn't include washi tape...must mean "the sky's the limit".
 3.  You buy multiple rolls of the same tape because, you'll run out and they will NEVER  have that same design.
4.  You're doing a teal planner layout and you must have 15 teal washi tapes to make it presentable.
5.  You need to find hiding places to store your stockpile of washi tape , because you are afraid your husband will see it and wonder why you have so much of it.
6.  But , "I don't have any ice cream washi tape!"

 Any of you who may have ordered from my Etsy Store will know that I love mailing out my orders with lots and lots of cheerful washi tape and stickers.  I feel like everyone should get some Happy Mail now and then, so I try to make it special.  And I am really thankful for all of the great sellers on Etsy that make that happen. Check out Cwlcrafts for a great selection of washi tape! But do  be mindful of the warning signs of washi tape addiction!

Send a letter today, and of course, use lots of washi tape! :-)


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